Her Story

Brandhyze + Co founder Brandhyze Stanley was raised in a small town in Northwest Indiana where her interest in sewing and creating things with her hands, was initially ignited.  A now long-time resident of Brooklyn and a blogger for Mood Fabrics, it was a birthday gift of a leather-making lesson that would change her life. The passion and dedication to the craftsmanship that the designer and fellow actor exuded, was enough inspire her love for the art form -- and Brandhyze + Co was born.  

For Brandhyze, creating leather goods is an intimate process.  Before deciding on grain or hardware, she thinks about how a piece will be utilized and where it will be worn.  Once she's ready to cut a pattern, she treats the raw material as a second skin. Completely opposed to an industrial and mass-produced approach, she guides the leather as if it were a living being.   




Photo Credit: Peter de la Paz